Asian Handicap Betting

Handicapping is a way of making a sports contest more even which also makes it more interesting to bet on. In betting, this is done by awarding one of the teams, the underdog, a certain amount of a head start in the game in terms of goals.

The Asian Handicap is created so that in theory, each team has a roughly equal chance of winning. It creates an almost 50/50 betting scenario even in games which involve a massive underdog and massive favourite.

The Asian Handicap can also have the unique quirk of removing the draw from the betting outcome. So rather than deciding between home, draw and away, you simply decide which team you think is the best bet on the Asian Handicap they have been given or that they receive. The handicap is expressed in terms of goal/s or part of a goal start or deficit.

This form of handicapping, the Asian Handicap, is fast becoming the most popular form of soccer betting. It attracts more money than any other soccer betting market and most of this money comes from the professional gambling syndicates.

At first the Asian Handicap can appear rather complicated but this can be easily explained as we will show you in the next page here.