Asian Handicap In-Play

Asian Handicap betting can offer up great betting opportunities In-Play. With the smaller margin taken by the bookies there is more chance that value bets will appear and with the uncertainty of In-running soccer matches coupled with the market prices being heavily influenced by the general betting public’s frantic emotions it gives great opportunity to the level headed, shrewd football punters out there.

But before you jump in to betting in running there is a key factor to consider. Betting the Asian Handicaps In-running when the game’s scoreline is still 0-0 works in the exact same way as if you were betting pre-match. But things change when a goal is scored. After a goal goes in any bets you place on the Asian Handicap markets in-running are settled according to the scoreline for the remainder of the game after the bet has been struck. Any goals prior to the bet being placed are ignored for settlement purposes.

In-Play Asian Handicap Example

You might see odds of 1.8 for Arsenal -0.5 at 0-0. Arsenal then score and you see odds of 2.05 for Arsenal -0.5 at 1-0. But before you jump in and place this bet you need to realise that for your bet at 1-0 to win you will need Arsenal to score again and win the game by at least 2 clear goals. The original goal before your bet is ignored.

This little caveat of the In-Play Asian Handicaps has probably caused a lot of problems for punters and has most likely caused a lot of grief for the customer service departments of many betting firms too.